Burnt Umber Tile Product Update

Guardian and Metrotile have changed the Burnt Umber product on both the Metrotile Shingle and the Guardian Esprit tile. The change is with immediate effect and any roofs supplied after 13/03/19. The new finish is slightly lighter in appearance and coarseness of the grains has increased, which will help increase the robustness of the tile and therefore be less susceptible to marking during installation.

Difference between the old and new burnt umber tile.

We will be sending out new sample tiles to customers over the coming weeks. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Metrotile have no stock of the old Burnt Umber tile. However, we have retained some stock for remedial works.

Additional Update – Installers Guide

As of 08/03 Guardian are no longer producing hard copies of the Guardian roof installation guide. They have taken the decision to go totally digital with the installation guides.

As the vast majority of people have access to smartphones they will be able to access the installation for viewing or downloading at the following address:  https://connaughtconservatories.co.uk/download/guardian-roof-installation-guide-2019/

Please pass this information on to your installation teams. We will be putting a note to this effect in the roof ancillary box. This note will inform your fitting teams of where to access the latest installation guides.

Please check this regularly for the most up-to-date copies.