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Classic Roof System

The Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roofing System combines state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies with elegant, contemporary designs.

Classical Styling

The architectural style has derived from the classical Victorian era. Optimum glazed areas allowing maximum light penetration and the reduction of bulky details are achieved by the use of superbly engineered aluminium structural members and PVCu profiles. The Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roofing System allows unique consumer personalisation by offering a wide range of decorative features including dentil moulding and a range of add ons and upgrades.

Each Ultraframe roof is structurally proven by the latest in conservatory design software, U-Design.


The key advantage of using the Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roofing System is its flexibility to cope with any roof design and configuration. The system offers a complete range of polycarbonate and glazing options, including 24mm (glass), 25mm and 35mm (polycarbonate) with profile colour options including white, deeplas, brown, mahogany, light oak and rosewood.


Ultraframe conservatory roofs are pre-fabricated in the factory to ensure rapid, snag-free, on-site installation. Perfect weatherproofing is achieved each and every time with special proven weather seal details which include the rain baffle in the ridge system, secondary drainage in the glazing system and special flashing details which combine to make it totally impervious to water penetration.

Fast installation

A major benefit and indirect cost saving is obtained through speed of fabrication and installation. A whole host of special clip-fit attachment details are incorporated keeping labour times to a minimum. Of prime importance is peace of mind against intruders which has been achieved by high security fixing details in all external cappings.

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