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Super insulated columns… engineered with style and substance.

Loggia is a modern building system that provides the best way to build the best rooms. It builds stunning extensions, replaces the traditional conservatory and makes orangeries affordable. Beautiful, comfortable rooms all year round, that add value to your home and everyday living.

Combining the very best of British building excellence with a generous helping of Italian inspiration, Loggia is, quite simply, a revelation.

There are a number of elements to a Loggia;

1. Super insulated columns clad with powder coated coloured aluminium cladding panels to externally create a radical new look whilst internally improving usability and comfort levels.

2. An internal perimeter ceiling which consists of an engineered ladder work system to which plasterboard is fixed. It is feasible to use use columns only with no perimeter ceiling – a special ‘cap’ is fitted to the top of the column.

3. Cornice decorative fascia, that hides the end of the glazing bars, creates a totally different look externally and which themes perfectly with the column cladding’s.

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