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Easy to install with no on-site cutting or wastage the PERGOLA is a complete solution.

Pergola is a complete solution

Easy to install with no on-site cutting or wastage the PERGOLA is a complete solution.Designed as both a car port or patio cover the PERGOLA product is prefabricated in 9 size options to provide a perfect solution for every customer.

The unique curved Pergola beam is constructed from powder coated aluminium and acts as an integral gutter and support beam. Aluminium posts are part of the structural support package – these also fulfill the function of a rain water pipe.effect.

The Pergola canopy has an innovative curved beam functioning as an integrated guttering system, whilst delivering a minimalist ‘form follows function’ elegant design. The aluminium posts are part of the immensely robust structure, whilst also fulfilling the function of a rainwater downpipe to drain water away from the building.

The Ultraframe Pergola is glazed with 6mm or 10mm toughened glass which delivers the outdoor feel of the classic pergola style, reducing noise compared to polycarbonate, and protecting you from the rain.

The Pergola is available in two distinctive colour options – white painted aluminium or textured grey – with 9 standard sizes.

Technical Details


1. Aluminium support post/rainwater pipe. Support post projects 500mm below ground level to allow perfect resistance to wind uplift.

2. System Pitch is 7.5°

3. From ground level, it is 2400mm to the underside of the curved beam. At the house wall with a projection of 2500mm the overall height is 2935mm, at 3000mm projection the overall height is 3000mm and at 3500mm projection the overall height is 3066mm. (Please allow 100mm tolerance above the wall plate)

4. Only one post per Pergola is supplied as a combined post / downpipe. Looking from the garden to the Pergola the rainwater pipe is always on the right hand side.

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