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Based in Rotherham, we supply high performance TuffX glazing to trade and supply only customers in England and Wales. Request a quote today for your next project.

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For your conservatory, orangery or extension we supply TuffX glazing. This high performance glass offers ample heat reflection, plenty of glare reduction and is self cleaning. These incentives offer cost effective solutions along with our brilliant range of conservatory roofs.

At Connaught in Rotherham, we have plenty of experience connecting directly with the trade. We make the process easy with clear, straightforward communication from the get go. With our commitment to quality manufacturing, you can be sure you’ll be getting the very best on the market. Request a quote today for brilliant glazing from Connaught.

Key Features

Self Cleaning

Self cleaning, with hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties for clearer glass.

EN 1096-5 Certified

Wide Tint Range

Glare Reduction

Heat Retention

TuffX conservatory glazing UK
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Ambience Range

TuffX glazing comes in the Ambience range. All this high performance glass is self cleaning and comes in a range of tint options to offer a variety of styles. Browse through some of the products we can supply for your next project.

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ambi blue Tuffx glazing prices
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Ambi Sunshade Blue

The best performing blue tinted, solar controlled glass of the range. This glazing can reflect up to 82% of solar rays and heat. With glare reduction properties, Ambi Sunshade Blue offers attractive clear sky views for the homeowner’s project.

Ambi Aqua

Ambi Aqua glass is brilliant at regulating the internal temperature of the conservatory, making it comfortable to be indoors year round for the homeowner. Its low U-values range from 1.0-2.7W/m2K. This glazing effectively reduces glare with an attractive tint.

Ambi Blue

This striking glass includes 53% sun glare reduction, and 60% reflection levels. Along with the majority of the Ambience range, this glazing is self cleaning. Attractive and self efficient, this high performance tinted glass would be a great choice for installation.

Ambi Neutral

Neutrally tinted, this glass offers a more natural look. The subtle shading means no loss in efficiency, with this glazing able to reflect 60% of heat and reduce 63% of glare. This style would blend well into any design.

Ambi Ultra

Offering up to 91% solar heat reflection with superior UV properties, this is market leading glazing. Dark tinting allows for shading and a sense of comfort. The homeowner can enjoy using their conservatory even on the brightest days.

Ambi Bronze

Ambi Bronze has been engineered with all of the high performing properties of the Ambience range, with a very attractive design to match almost any conservatory colour. Choose this glazing for all round efficiency and style.

Ambi Max

This glazing allows the homeowner the option of larger single units for conservatory roofs. In turn, this reduces the potential for leaks. It reaches of maximum length of 4000mm and is made of 4mm toughened glass. Ambi Max is available in Ambi Aqua, Ambi Neutral, Ambi Sunshade Blue and Ambi Blue.


Ambi TRIPLE offers ultra low U-values at 0.7W/m2K, which is 30% better than standard double glazing. It is self cleaning, offers homeowner privacy, and it works with all glass in the Ambience range.

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Request a quote for glazing from Connaught today. We work with bespoke specifications and make sure that you’ll get the perfect match for your project. We have plenty of information online and we welcome you to get in touch if you need any more information.

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Does Ambi Max need glazing bars?

No. Ambi Max allows for single conservatory roof glass units up to 4000mm in size, without the need for any glazing bars.

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