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Rotherham based and well located to serve trade and supply only customers across England and Wales, contact us at Connaught now for a quote on Ultraframe’s Super Insulated Columns.

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The Super Insulated Columns by Ultraframe help to deliver spacious, room like interiors with no compromise on thermal performance for your customers. With impressive customisation, heat retention and quality Connaught fabrication, the conservatories you install can be enjoyed all year round.

We manufacture all Ultraframe products like Super Insulated Columns from our premises in Rotherham. If you are looking to offer your customers the full package, why not pair this with one of our thermally efficient conservatory roofs? Get in touch with us today for a quote.

Key Features

Highly Configurable

The Super Insulated Columns are available in almost any size and height and can be installed as corner features or run the full length of the interior.

Any RAL Colour

Regulation Compliant

Powder Coated Aluminium

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Super Insulated Columns Installation Guide pdf

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Super Insulated Columns Technical Guide pdf

Performance Engineering


Styropor carbon enriched, polysterene insulated core


Three layers of OSB board are mechanically fixed to the battens


Choice of colour for powder coated aluminium cladding


Variety of base details available for customisation


Glass Roof compatiable with attractive cornice placed on top

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Insulated Internal Pelmet

The Ultraframe Insulated Internal Pelmet allows homeowners the ability to regulate the temperature of their conservatory. Their attractive design allows the ability to conceal support structures, with the potential to install lighting options and sound systems.

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This tiled roof works great with Super Insulated Columns. Lightweight, quick to install and a customer favourite, this is a brilliant example of some of the fantastic roof structures we have on offer at Connaught.

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Garden Rooms

We supply the Pavilion and The Studio garden rooms by Ultraframe, which can be installed with Super Insulated Columns. These compact garden room solutions fit tidily into small spaces with their contemporary designs.

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Glass Roof

For brilliant thermal performance and structural security, install the Glass Roof alongside Super Insulated Columns. This Ultraframe product has had over 1.5 million installations across the UK, and it’s easy to see why.

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Super Insulated Columns would be well placed under an Ultraframe Livinroof. This conservatory roof combines sturdy panels with high quality glazing for all round performance.

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Installations have never been easier with Connaught. We take your specifications and manufacture in Rotherham to exactly the details you provide, with quick turnarounds. Our bespoke service is sure to leave you satisfied.

Request a quote for Super Insulated Columns from us today and we will be in contact.

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What U-values do the columns provide?

The Super Insulated Columns provide a U-value of 0.15 W/m2K, five times more thermally efficient than a brick column of a similar size.

Are planning permissions needed to install Super Insulated Columns?

What sizes can the Super Insulated Columns be configured in?

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Do you deliver?

Can Super Insulated Columns be used with dwarf walls?

Are your products pre fabricated before delivery?

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