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Conservatory Roof Manufacturers in Rotherham From Rotherham to the rest of England and Wales, we supply the Ultraroof. Learn more below and contact us for a quote today.

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Tiled Conservatory Roof Suppliers in Rotherham

At Connaught, we sell the fantastic Ultraroof by Ultraframe. With its attractive design, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular choices among homeowners. This is the lightest tiled conservatory roof available. Quick to install, this is a must buy for tradespeople and supply only customers alike.

Learn more here or request a quote for an Ultraroof from Connaught. Based in Rotherham, we supply the trade directly with outstanding customer service all the way. Look no further than Connaught, we stock the fantastic Ultraroof and can deliver across the UK.

Key Features


The Ultraroof is exceptionally strong and can support 4m spans of bifold doors without the need for expensive additional support.




Fire Tested

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Visualise Ultraframe’s Ultraroof

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Slimline aluminium hip and ridge cappings for an attractive finish


Large glazing panels for a brighter room


Fully insulated box beam, minimising the risk of condensation


A tile starter strip with a traditional slate look for ventilation


Exterior soffit for an attractive finish


Expandable panel to cover cold patches


Pelmet for insulation and potential to add downlights & speakers


Bifold doors can be supported by the Ultraroof


Fully insulated ridge for increased thermal efficiency

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Ridge Overview


'I' beam edged panels to facilitate projections of this lightweight structure


Glazing is quicker to install with the new simplified glazing bar attachment


No battening is required thanks to external panel clips for easy attachment


New preset insulated ridge for enhanced thermal efficiency across the entire structure

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Performance Engineering


Marley Classic gutter system to prevent mould and water damage


Highly resistant powder coating for tile support


OSB/3 boards to enable load bearing in warmer weather


Ultratile interlocking slate tile in three attractive colours


Concealed breathable waterproofing for added efficiency

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Ultraroof Strength

For projects with unsupported spans including large openings of bifolds, the Ultraroof is ideal. This Ultraframe conservatory roof is exceptionally strong and able to support variable weights.

Heavy wind and snow requirements should not be a concern. Each Ultraroof installation is precision engineered based on the postcode.

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Building Regulations Made Easy

As the Ultraroof provides exceptionally low U-values of 0.15W/m2K, it is a thermally efficient structure that easily meets building regulations.

We can provide you with some of the best value building regulations for your replacement or refurbishment project. At only £220 + VAT, you can get your next project started with complete peace of mind.

Guardian Conservatory Roof Mansfield
Glass Conservatory Roof Mansfield
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Guardian Roof

Connaught proudly supplies the Guardian roof to the trade. Learn more about this competitive, fully tested insulated roof system. It comprises a lightweight frame and is engineered to maximise heat retention. To keep energy costs down over the winter, this is a great alternative to the Ultraroof.

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The Glass Roof

Ultraframe’s Glass Roof is one of the most sophisticated conservatory roofs on the market. Braving extreme weather conditions and configurable across a wide range of pitches, this is a high end product at a competitive price. Learn more and contact us at Connaught for a quote.

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Ultrasky Lantern

The Ultrasky lantern is stylish and strong, making it a brilliant addition to any interior space. They maintain a solid frame while using fewer and slimmer bars than other structures on the market. Easy to install with Connaught, learn more about this brilliant product and contact us with any questions.

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Cornice Choices

Ultraframe’s decorative cornice brings shape and style to all our conservatory roofs. Better yet, they conceal unattractive gutters and rafter ends. Four styles are available, including a one tier, flat cornice, two tier flat cornice, three tier flat cornice and a curved cornice.

Depending on the cornice design, the angles vary to provide a consistent fit. One two and three tier flat cornices come with 90° corners and straight jointers. Alternatively, the curved cornice has a die cast 135°, 90° corner cover and straight jointers. All of this can be colour customised to suit your project.

Ultraroof Pelmet

Insulated Internal Pelmet

With an Insulated Internal Pelmet for their Ultraroof, the homeowner has one of the warmest solid roof systems available. This reduces heat loss around the eaves beam for a much cosier interior.

Built on what works, the Internal Insulted Pelmet uses a cleverly engineered framing system to provide a neatly plastered pelmet all the way around the perimeter. You can colour customise to have the structure blend with the overall room design.


Colour Options

The Ultraroof is customisable, with a range of colours and styles available for the perfect look. Tiling is available in Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown and Terra Brick. Each unique colour brings its own character.

Whatever the style of the property, the classic Ultraroof designs available blend perfectly into any conservatory roof. Preview a look to see what customers are requesting for their projects.

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There is potential to install large rectangular glass panels into the Ultraroof, offering money saving incentives. Their simple design bypasses the need for expensive roof windows.

Better yet, these optional glass panels can be solar controlled. This allows for a brighter room powered by energy efficient measures.

We supply and deliver from Rotherham, contact us now for a quote.

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Contact us now for a quote at Connaught and receive a bespoke, streamlined service. Here in Rotherham, we service the trade across England and Wales. We can deliver directly to your postcode.

We make life easier for the customer and provide precisely what they require with our impressive range of products.

Everything you need to know can be provided here by our team, and we welcome any enquiry or quote you may have about the Ultraroof.

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Can the Ultraroof be customised?

Beyond a choice of three stylish tile colours, there is the option to include a curved cornice to enhance the look of the Ultraroof.

Does the Ultraroof pass building regulations?

What are the benefits of a tiled conservatory roof?

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What other features does the Ultraroof include?

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