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Conservatory Roof Manufacturers in Rotherham – Based in Rotherham, we supply the Glass Roof across England and Wales. Contact us today for a quote.

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Glass Conservatory Roof Suppliers in Rotherham

Go no further than Connaught for the original conservatory roof. British made with 30 years of experience, over 1.5 million roofs have been installed throughout the UK. At Connaught, we provide the easily composable Glass Roof for any design.

Extreme weather under any postcode is no issue for the highly resistant Ultraframe Glass Roof. We use postcode engineering to withstand the worst possible wind and snow loads. Composable for pitches from an impressive range of 2.5° to 40° and available for any shape and size, this is the only choice for a classic conservatory. This is the only BBA approved conservatory roof system.

At Connaught, we supply the trade and supply only customers with the Glass Roof. Delivering across the UK, contact us now for a quote.

Key Features

Weather Tested

Fully tested, this secure framework remains watertight under 130mph winds.

Easiest Installation

Most Configurable

Precision Engineered

British Made

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Roof Vent- Aluminium slimline roof vent


Hub- Offers complete protection from stormy weather


Twinbolts- Robust connections are forged with twinbolts


Anchor Clips- The weathertight seal can move freely with anchor clips


Eaves Beam- Used to support wider spans for structural integrity


Cornice- Decorative cornice available in four distinct designs


Glazing Stops- Effectively stops any glass slippage

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Performance Engineering


Internally housed barbs on uPVC top cap surrounded by aluminium for security


Hidden flipper gasket for a range of glazing material


Wine glass structure for secure rafter connections


Condensation resistant twin wall chambered top cop


A choice of plain or sculptured cladding

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Structural Support Solutions

If you’re looking to create a larger conservatory or orangery design, we can help you. With the addition of features like our beam reinforcements, or our goalposts, we can help homeowners achieve extra large spans for orangeries, conservatories and more.

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Consider a lighter touch with Ultraroof, a dynamic tiled roof solution. This unique and ultra light conservatory roof is the only tiled roof to be completely fire tested. Fast to install, this is a must consider for any project. Read more about this popular product.

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Flat Roof

Flat Roof by Ultraframe is perfect for conservatories and building extensions. Lightweight at only 51kg/m2, this makes an excellent base for lanterns and skylights. Contact Connaught for a quote now.

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Ultrasky Lantern

All round performance with a chic finish. Ultrasky Lantern roofs have an elegant design that allows light to flood in directly from above. For a brighter interior, call us at Connaught for a quote today.

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A high performing hybrid roof, made up of robust panels and energy efficient glazing. This is one of the most versatile solid roofs available on the market. View this product and request a quote online today.

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Cornice Choices

Ultraframe’s decorative cornice brings shape and style to all our conservatory roofs. Better yet, they conceal unattractive gutters and rafter ends. Four styles are available, including a one tier, flat cornice, two tier flat cornice, three tier flat cornice and a curved cornice.

Depending on the cornice design, the angles vary to provide a consistent fit. One two and three tier flat cornices come with 90° corners and straight jointers. Alternatively, the curved cornice has a die cast 135°, 90° corner cover and straight jointers. All of this can be colour customised to suit your project.

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Insulated Internal Pelmet

With an Insulated Internal Pelmet, the homeowner not only has attractive sky views with plenty of natural light but a warm and cosy interior for the winter months. These are great solutions for any orangery or extension design.

Built on what works, the Internal Insulted Pelmet uses a cleverly engineered framing system to provide a neatly plastered pelmet all the way around the perimeter. It is also good to house lights and speakers. The finished look creates a unique blend that is neither conservatory nor extension. This is a great way to achieve a flat roof or orangery effect.

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Classic Ridge

As the first conservatory roof design to receive a BBA certificate, the Classic Ridge has been instrumental to the stunning aesthetics that Ultraframe products can achieve. The pitch ranges from 15 to 40°.

Slimline Ridge

Contemporary styling using minimalistic features to maximise aesthetic appeal. With a neat lantern style ridge, the slimline ridge can be fixed on a 25° Georgian and 25° double ended Glass Roof in aluminium or uPVC.

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Better Ventilation

Cleaner air and great ventilation becomes a possibility with the Ultraframe Glass Roof. Roof vents and trickle vents can be applied to all Ultraframe and Quantal systems, including the Glass Roof. These are excellent solutions in the summertime for a cooler environment.

Aluminium Glass Roof

This attractive Aluminium Glass Roof is a perfect companion piece. With easy installation in mind, the system is lightweight with all the strength of sturdy aluminium. The overall look is a beautiful, contemporary design that can be configured to suit almost any roof shape and size.


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Colour Options

A range of frame and glass colours are available for a stylish finish. These customisable designs are attractive and thermally efficient. Choose from over 150 RAL colours for a stylish frame. With the option to pick from four cornices, Ultraframe makes its Glass Roof to suit customer needs.

Connaught supply and deliver from Rotherham to England and Wales. Contact us directly for any further customisation enquiries.

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Enter your required RAL colour

Glazing support clips lock the glazing material in position – meaning you’ll never return to site for glazing slippage. Specified as standard, the anchor clip clasps the barbs of the PVCu top cap.

The Glass Roof has a wide range of high performance, thermally efficient glazing options available.


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Get in touch today for a quote and a streamlined service. At Connaught in Rotherham, we provide high quality products such as the Glass Roof for quick installations. Allow your customers access to the best on the market. We supply and deliver across the UK.

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Why trade with Connaught?

We are an Ultraframe approved supplier with trusted experience in connecting clients. Based in Rotherham, we’re well placed to supply the trade across England and Wales.

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