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Choice of Design

With a selection of Ultraframe roofs available, wall, window and door layouts and finishes can be customised with hup!.

Quicker to Build

Five times faster than traditional methods.
All components have been prefabricated for swift build times under any weather conditions.

Highly Energy Efficient

Five times more energy efficient than the average UK home. The walls provide U-values of 0.17W/m2k – exceeding building regulations.

Precision Finish

Cutting edge technology ensures that every hup! installation consistently meets the mark, no matter where the build takes place.

Streamlined Fitting

Our expertise will enable a smooth process from start to finish. Your expertly trained team will fit with no bricks in sight.

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hup! roof systems

Tiled Roof

An ultra light tiled roof system. Ultraframe has engineered customisable tiles and superior thermal efficiency.

1 Breathable Membrane
2 Tongue and Groove OSB Deck
3 Lightweight Authentic Tiles
4 Gutter
5 Curved Cornice
6 Brick Mesh
7 Timber Battens
8 Calcium Silicate Board
9 Membrane
10 Insulated Wall Panels
11 Steel Clips
12 Super Strong Box Beam
13 Internal Clips
14 Insulated Roof Panels

Flat Roof

The Ultraframe Flat Roof is renowned for being quick to install, lightweight and a strong base for lanterns or skylights.

Glass Roof

One of the country’s most popular conservatory roof installations, composable for almost any UK postcode.

Hybrid Roof

The perfect home for solid roof panels and high performance glazing. This hybrid roof can be configured with ease.

Easy Installation

The components are pre fabricated. A ready to fit brick mesh sheet is applied using mortar coloured adhesive directly onto a calcium silicate board.

Ventilation Trim

For a clean build, a ventilation trim is fitted to the top and bottom of the hup! wall. This prevents debris and unwanted pests from gathering.

Aperture Trim

With an aperture trim, a perfect finish for the hup! wall is provided. Once your specifications and RAL colour have been selected, the materials will come cut to size.

hup! wall components


Internal Clips

Watertight fittings are possible with internal clips, helping to keep the components securely in place.


Wall Panels

Insulated lightweight wall panels that provide low U-values of 0.17W/m2k, with a thickened cavity width of only 215mm to meet building regulations.


External Clips

External clips reduce the overall installation time, connecting the wall panels with the membrane with ease.



A breathable membrane with clips for easy attachment is supplied with every hup! wall installation.



The membrane is supplied with all clips and fixings to easily attach the membrane to the Ultrapanel’s external clips.


Render Board

A pre cut to size calcium silicate render board is included. This is impact resistant, fireproof, waterproof and provides sound absorption and heat isolation.


Wall Finish

Supplied eight courses high by three courses wide, along with a map for placement. For complete design flexibility, hup! walls are compatible with any wall finish.


Aperture Trim

An cut to size aperture trim completes the finish in white, grey or any RAL colouring.

hup! brick mesh

The revolutionary hup! Brick Mesh is a quick to install wall finish that offers a real brick look and feel.

hup! Brick Mesh comes pre-pointed on easy to install sheets which are eight courses high by three courses wide. These sheets are applied to the surface of the calcium silicate board using a mortar coloured adhesive.

Choose from a range of different brick and mortar combinations. All bricks are 215mm x 65mm with a 10mm mortar gap.

hup! Red Brick Mesh

Find hup! brick mesh in classic brick tones, designed to suit homes around the country.

Terracotta / Light Mortar
Multi Orange / Light Mortar
Multi Red / Light Mortar
Terracotta / Medium Mortar
Multi Orange / Medium Mortar
Multi Red / Medium Mortar

hup! Conservatory Renovations

Make an old conservatory better and feel like a part of the home with hup! technology.

hup! Extensions

Quicker than ever to build, extensions need not be a challenge with no waste on site.

hup! Conservatories

Conservatories are cosier and brighter with all the other benefits of a hup! installation.

hup! Garden Homes

Detached from the house, yet as sturdy, warm and comfortable as an extension.

hup! Latest Technology

Ultraframe’s latest technology is transforming the way conservatories and extensions are built. The lead times are five times faster than seen traditionally, making the fitter as equally satisfied as the homeowner.

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