Structural Eaves Beams

Based in Rotherham, we supply eaves beam support throughout central England and Wales. Request a quote from us at Connaught to get started.

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Structural Support

As homeowners are increasingly opting for grand style designs, greater structural support becomes necessary. Our eaves beams provide the extra reinforcement your project needs to prevent deflection and allow conservatory doors to open freely.

At Connaught, we manufacture high quality conservatory roof supplies in Rotherham to supply the trade and supply only customers across the UK. Request a quote, or browse through our downloads to calculate which structural support and eaves beam is needed for your project.

Types of Eaves Beams

Super Duty Eaves

Taller and stronger than the standard version of the Ultraframe eaves beam, this type of reinforcement must be used all the way around the eaves.

Eaves Super Bolster

Bifold Support Beam

Combined Super Bolster

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Performance Engineering


Larger spans become possible with eaves beam reinforcement


Supports vertical and lateral forces for structural integrity


Doors can move more freely as deflection is prevented


Single, double, or triple header beams to suit the structure

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Questions to Consider

For any homeowner’s project, we recommend considering the following questions to gauge what structural support and eaves beam will be needed for the installation.

  • What are the dimensions of the extension?
  • What size opening needs to be achieved?
  • Can the elevations sufficiently maintain lateral stability?
  • What structural support solution is needed?

With this information, you can start to discuss designs with the homeowner. Look through our downloads to see which eaves beam is right for your project.

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Large Door Spans

Ultraframe’s Glass Roof and the Livinroof can both be supported by eaves beam reinforcement, however, the loads for these systems are different. Standard eaves and super duty eaves are required on all elevations.

The bifold support beam (BSFS), eaves super bolster (ESB), combined bolstered eaves (CBE) and the goalposts are additions to the standard eaves. These are only needed on elevations with a large span. View our guides to help find the right support solution for you.

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Lightweight aluminium goalpost solutions for more open structures.

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Tie Bars

Attractive tie bars and replacement kits with a range of customisation options.

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Glass Roof

The Ultraframe Glass roof is compatible with our eaves beam support.

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Eaves beam support can be applied to the structure of the Ultraframe Livinroof.

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Start Supplying From Connaught Today!

Contact us for a quote for eaves beam structural support. We supply the trade and supply only customers from Rotherham across central England and Wales. We manufacture to your specifications, with a full back up service available.

We have everything you need, with an array of brochures, guides, and downloads to view online. We provide outstanding customer service and can assist you every step of the way with any advice you need.

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Why trade with Connaught?

From our base in Rotherham, we have a team of experts assembled who believe in making installations as simple as possible. We provide you with clear information and high quality manufacturing for a smooth installation. We supply and can deliver to postcodes across England and Wales.

Will my project require additional structural support?

What is an unsupported opening?

How much deflection can Ultraframe doors handle?

Can top hung doors be installed from the eaves beam?

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