Conservatory Roof Prices Mansfield

Conservatory Roofs Mansfield

Enhance your Mansfield project with our stunning range of supply only conservatory roofs! We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our service and work hard to offer low lead times and competitive prices. Get in touch to find out more!

Conservatory Roof System Mansfield

Conservatory Roof Mansfield

We offer a wide range of adaptable conservatory roofs, which are ideal for properties in Mansfield. Whether it’s a smart, secure roofing system which protects the property or a thermally efficient conservatory roof which keeps the home warm, we’ve got you covered. Explore our various models, which are entirely customisable and designed to fit the dimensions you need.

Here at Connaught Conservatories, we go the extra mile for our clients. Our professional team is hardworking and passionate about providing outstanding conservatory roof solutions which deliver world class performance for homeowners in Mansfield. We understand that you want to provide your customers with the best products available, which is why we’re excited to work alongside you to bring your residents’ visions to life!

In order to provide a reliable, premium supply of conservatory roofs, we need to work with fabricators we can trust to deliver the performance we need. This is why we’re proud to work alongside leading manufacturers Ultraframe. They are renowned for their Livinroof model, which thousands of homes across the UK are already enjoying for themselves. Read on to learn more about our conservatory roofs!

Key Features

Thermal Insulation

In this age of rising costs, it’s important for homeowners to do as much as possible to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Our conservatory roofs use multichambered designs and double glazing where necessary to prevent the rising heat from escaping the interior space entirely.

Lasting Durability


Minimal Aftercare

Natural Light

Fast Turnaround

Conservatory Roof Costs Mansfield

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Find videos, brochures and downloads relating to these world class conservatory roofs here.

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Structural Support Solutions

If you’re looking to create a larger conservatory or orangery design, we can help you. With the addition of features like our beam reinforcements, or our goalposts, we can help homeowners achieve extra large spans for orangeries, conservatories and more.

Ultraroof Conservatory Roof Barnsley
Guardian Conservatory Roof Mansfield
Glass Conservatory Roof Mansfield


The Ultraroof model is a highly configurable product. It comes in a tiled style with an extensive selection of colourway finishes, making it easy to match with the existing exterior brickwork of the Mansfield property.

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Guardian Roof

A fantastic choice for homeowners looking for thermal efficiency, the Guardian roof will help keep bills low whilst reducing the carbon footprint of a property. The timeless design is suitable for both modern and traditional properties.

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Glass Roof

The Glass Roof system makes use of precisely fitted double glazing to preserve the warmth of the space and bolster the strength of the conservatory roof. This is an elegant solution which allows light to flow naturally throughout the Mansfield home.

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Conservatory Roof Prices Mansfield

Take your Mansfield project to the next level with our stunning conservatory roof options! You can get in touch with our team via our online contact form or give us a call at 01709 710100. We look forward to hearing from you!

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