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The most popular tiled conservatory roof system in the UK.

Benefit from increased sales opportunities by working with Connaught; Your approved Guardian professional production facility.

New Roof

The Guardian™ roof is ideal as a replacement for an old conservatory roof. Giving the home owner a much more comfortable and quiet interior environment as well as providing a very attractive exterior appearance. Most people who have a conservatory are aware that it’s extremely difficult to maintain a year round ambient temperature. Conservatories are either much to hot on those sunny summer days or impossible to keep warm during the winter months. A Guardian™ roof solves both of these problems. It’s quite simply the best solution on the market.

Many home owners reluctantly decide to move because of the size of their house and in the UK, the most common reason is to get more ground floor living space.
For some, the problem can be solved with a home extension. However, the cost and disruption is often prohibitive. That was until Guardian™ invented the conservatory with an insulated, tiled roof. Now people cam have the extra room they want, without the huge expense. As your Guardian™ fabricator, we can supply all the back-up and support to help you make the most of this brilliant product.

An integral part of the home

The Guardian™ roof is an attractive and stylish addition to any home, especially on the inside. The roof is designed in such a way that it performs brilliantly all year round, which means the temperature is very easy to manage and control. The aluminium frame, the levels of insulation, the neat finish and the range of interior options means that customers can start to enjoy their ‘new’ conservatory right away.

As your fabricator, we will not only supply all the components including fixings, we are always on-hand to answer any questions or help in any way.

An impressive appearance

With the wide choice of coloured tiled finishes the Guardian™ roof will not just look good and give the home owners extra living space, it will also add to the properties re-sale value and actually make the home easier to sell. There’s no doubt, glass roof conservatories have made a big difference to the home improvement industry but they have often failed to achieve their original objective and many are only used as “occasional” rooms. When a Guardian™ roof is fitted, the the room is now an integral part of the home and it’s often changed the way families use their ground floor space. All very positive reasons why people choose a Guardian™ roof.

Professional fitting is crucial

Part of our commitment to our trade customers is our high level of service and when it comes to Guardian™, we are not just Fabricators, we are a Professional Production Facility and part of our customer care package is our desire to help you as much as possible in every way we can.

It starts with making sure your order is prepared and delivered to your exact requirements but it’s much more than that, we’ll help you with telephone support your first installations to make sure you are totally confident and that your customer gets our joint attention – so that in turn they are happy too. It’s just part of our service…


We’re at your service

  • All Guardian Warm Roofs are designed and fabricated to exact building standards
  • Each roof is built to completion on our factory floor prior to despatch
  • Every single component is carefully labelled and packed for ease of installation on site
  • We have our own dedicated training school for Team Guardian members to ensure that all installations are consistent
  • All Guardian Warm Roofs leave our facility ready for installation, including all fixings and insulations
  • We can offer full technical support with your first installation
  • Team Guardian members have access to all Guardian Warm Roof marketing and advertising assets, free of charge

“We do more so you do less”

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